Saturday, 8 September 2018

It takes a village....

When you feel all so alone. The decisions you've taken in your life have all been right, no matter how difficult the circumstances have been. After all, the ones who judge you were neither Gods nor have stood in your weather beaten shoes. And those were just the physical pains, not the ones where you had to face the ones you loved with the decisions you made. The less said about it, the better.

So Navi Mumbai Momtrepreneurs event was nothing on the scale of pain to decide on attending. A one day event where I could get in touch with others like me, with different levels, but similar pains and smiles. It was a break without a holiday from the arduous journey of a Mom turned entrepreneur who was forced to expand a domestic business just to make ends meet for the business (Even non-entrepreneurial salaried people know how difficult it is to make the household ends meet: The EMIs for survival ends the paycheck before you even get it. After all, even your employer may pay you late, but your conscience would not allow you to pay your domestic servant a day later).

The destination was Nerul on a drizzling Friday. With a heavy heart and quite a heavy load of Jams and Pickles, the body drifted to Agri Koli Bhavan for the event, while the mind was bogged down in the myriad problems of accounts receivable, working capital for future orders, a couple of new out of station retail tie-ups and a probable distribution tie-up in a distant state.

It takes a child.....

When a three and a half year old kid of two professional parents is diagnosed as allergic to food additives like preservatives, colours and flavours, I'm sure that no Mom would outsource the issue to others and rather gain control of the situation and start making high quality food for the kid. This is how "Yummium" started. That three and a half year old is now nearly 10. And sometimes, remembering where you came from gives you all the perspective and strength to fight against all odds.

So, on this rather moody day, a bright light trudged along the aisle to the shop

"Can I try that?" she said while the cloudy day gave way to sunshine as she pointed her tiny fingers at the sampler bottle of Alphonso Mango Spread

Before the spoon was in her mouth, she darted off the table (up to some more hyper energetic adventures, I'm sure)

In a good ten minutes time, the little one was back, looking at our display board filled with customer feedback.

"I want to write"
- "But that's for people who've tried the jams"
"Of course I tried aunty, and I want to write" she insisted

Here's her post. 

Coming soon is the set of what our customers had to say about my products. I've tried to make them say it on Amazon, but maybe it's not their cup of tea, while the young 'uns can't really give us their review online.

But for me, I ended my day at 7:30 PM and things were all bright on the drizzly evening thanks to a little girl, several kids and many moms. I've just failed to say enough thanks to NMM: Raising the spirits and confidence of a person or an enterprise is not something I've seen in the best of leaders being good at even in corporates. Thank You, especially for being able to get that kid over!

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Get Creative With Yummium - Rooh-e-Anar Recipe

Yummium's 100% Natural Rooh-e-Anar (The Soul/essence of the Pomegranate) is the mollases or the concentrate of cold pressed Pomegranate juice made from the finest Puneri Anaar and hand picked and crafted into the first 100% sugar-free product from Konkan Kitchen. The Rooh-e-anar can be used in Salad Dressings, Marinades, Dips, stir fry, Ice-creams, Sorbets and even Cocktails. All you need is to try a bit of the the "Rooh" to evoke your culinary instincts to unleash the tasty delights onto your unsuspecting near ones. Start with this refreshing Rooh-e-Anar Ice Tea!